Flower and Cage Cube(New)

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You can appear three times from this empty extraordinary cube.

Flower and Cage Cube(New)

Item ID: T 1027

Appears Three Times

You can appear three times from this empty extraordinary cube. This new amazing item designed and made exclusively this year by The Tora Magic Company, is truly a World Beater, and will "Wow" your audience where ever you perform it. If you are interested in extraordinary strange magic this is for you. This new item may be performed with or with out livestock and you will have a great performance with this wonderful trick. The Magician shows a completely empty cube box to audience, and then closes the door. The door is opened again and is found to be full of colorful flowers which are taken out and displayed. Again he closes the door, Shows the emptiness of the cube again. Now open the door. Again a lot of nice spring flowers come out from the box. He takes them out from the cube and closes the door. The magician again shows the cube box compeletly empty and closes the door once more. Now to the amazement of the audience the door is opened but this time instead of flowers, the magician produce a large bird cage holding two or three doves. Also you can appear rabbit from this extraordinary box. The important part of this is that, the size of the cage is the same size as the box. This item is a new design, and when presented will leave your audience spell bound. The size of the item is as follows: 25.5 x 25.5 x 25.5 cm